The Process

Learn more about how we can help you ease the process with home buying. Piedmont Container will help you with the land purchase process, getting the proper permits, where to place the needed connections on your land and when to have them turned on, and every little thing leading up the delivery of your new container home.


Do you have land you have bought or looking to buy? Do you own land that you want to turn into a rental cabin? How about fixing up land to sell and turn a profit? Piedmont Container can help with all of the above. Our team will come to your property and walk it with you, layout your new home and determine everything that could be needed to prepare the land for your home delivery.


Piedmont Container has years of experience working with local, state, and national guidelines when it comes to home building. Through our years of experience, we have built relationships with local inspectors and work with them to ensure that your home is up to all regulations and passes any tests that are needed for final home occupancy.


During our initial walk through of your land, Piedmont Container representatives will determine where water, sewer, and electrical connections need to be. We will work with contractors to ensure that the land is laid out to fit these connections and ready for your new container home to be delivered.

Customizable Designs

Want to make changes to our initial designs? Want to create a design for your dream container home? Let our design team do the work for you! The design team at Container Home Design will work to create the home of your dreams! They will work to get any engineering plans you might need for your home and guide your home build from concept to reality.


The day has come! Your home is being delivered! Piedmont Container will deliver and place your home on your property. We will make sure all connections are sealed and complete any additional site work that couldn’t be done until home arrival. All while you get to enjoy your newly placed container home!